Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dance this mess around

Even as I type this at my desk, there is one big ass tow behind Ingersoll Rand air compressor firing two jack hammers about 20 feet away. They are replacing the front stairs, they have ~4’ rise and are ~10 wide, thats a lot of concrete to remove. First they pulled off the field stones, then the jack hammers, this is day three.

I need a way to stay at my desk and not go crazy. So I pull out the Bose noise cancelling headset, and fire it up. Nice, the active noise cancellation takes out the air compressor completely and slightly attenuates the jack hammer.  Fire up The B-52’s first album, start with “Dance This Mess Around” and all I can hear is Fred and the girls demanding that you “remember, when you held my hand?”

AHHH, solitude in the B-52’s. I gotta go dance this mess around, round, round!

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