Sunday, November 22, 2009

Religious Right == Taliban?


“There are not many steps left on this insane path.”
Look, I get that its an 8 minute video, but you really need to watch it.


  1. Christian death threats. Sounds a little midievel in a not Pulp Fiction but Monty Python sort of way. The fact is for the last 40 to 50 years most politically inspired violence in this country comes from the left. From burning SUVs in the name of militant environmentalism to violence at political rallys, protests, and conventions. G8 summit, anyone?

    Killing the president is so, like, old. They made a movie about killing Bush, remember? Not a hypothetical president, not an historic president. The actual POTUS. You do remember that, right? Good review from Film Journal International. They said it was a great movie, and wouldn't inspire people to kill bush. Kill Bush. You do remember the bumper sticker, right?

    So, help me get this strait. The left is violent but its ok, because the violence is righteous and pointed towards the right, right? Unless its violence from the right, right? Right....

    Typical political hogwash from R. Madcow and Frankie, the leftist "Christian fundamentalists are evil radicals set out to destroy the world" posterboy. If I'm gonna worry about radical religious fanatics, it aint gonna be Christians I'm worried about.

  2. I didn't say anything about the left.
    It's ok to rob the corner liquor store because someone else robbed a bank last year?

  3. Dude, Rachel Maddow IS the left, you quoted her, and I want my 8 minutes and 11 seconds back! R Madcow got p'wnd today when the FBI declared the Sparkman case was a suicide. Google it for yourself(no linky love here@teampaulc) and see what people like Maddow, Andrew Sullivan(The Atlantic 26 sep 09,), brad blog, and my favorite, Keith Oblermann had to say back in september. To paraphrase, Hole EE Cow.

  4. Dood,
    you just like to bash, and thats fine. I never said that the left was the next great thing.

    I guess that you're ok with the religious nut jobs calling for a jihad/crusade. Thats cool.

  5. I quit blogspot. I quit. I just typed an opus into this little form, trimmed it down to exactly 4,095 characters, hit preview: all good. Hit submit: "your request cannot be processed. Blogspot apologizes for this error. Please submit a bug report." I click "back": gone.

    I f*@$ing quit.

    I officially do not weigh in on this topic, even though I had things to say. I hereby declare an arbitrary boycott of this thread. Anyone who posts on it is therefore branded malevolent. I'm not entirely certain what that word means, but it sounds like what I want it to mean, so I'm using it.

  6. I am in fact benign, but here I am.
    Dood, its not blogspot, its the internet that hates you. NEVER type more than a couple of sentences into a text box! ALWAYS use a local text editor (I suggest notepadd++ ) to put your thoughts together, then copy and paste into the text box. :(

    p.s Pat, note the use of the url tag. :D

  7. What URL tag? Also, not to bash, but I am unable to paste to this text box

  8. Weird,
    I can paste in with either Control-V or right mouse click and select "Paste". :(

    As for the url tag, its just the standard HTML anchor with href:
    < a href=""> click here< / a >
    (but you need to remove the spaces around the a)

  9. I cannot paste or link here or at TUB. enable Open ID comment authentication?

  10. your Open ID comment authentication is set to "only members of this blog". I am now a member, and may link and paste!