Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Google voice features

now that Google is finally integrating the integration of the VOIP provider that they purchased, we can now get some of that voice over IP love in Google voice that we have been craving.

The "call phone" button just showed up in my GMail today, so thats cool, I can call people from within GMail. yeah, I guess thats cool, I have a microphone and a headset, so why not. BUT, when I go to google voice and look at my settings, I now have the option to route inbound calls to GMail. So when you call my cell phone number, it will ring at my desk, my cellphone, my house, and now on my computer in GMail all at the same time.
Shhhhhh, do you hear angels singing?

Add to that the fact that Google opened up Google Voice to the (North American) public recently, and of course the tight integration of Android and Google Voice, and you have a nice little communications subsystem at your disposal.

How cool?
WAY cool.


  1. Just got my first call on Gmail, I didn't answer, I want to test it at home tonight first and check the quality. But I did note that there were three buttons "Answer", "Ignore" and "Screen"

  2. ahh, and of course, when you make a call in google voice, you now have the option to make the call with gmail (or your other phones, as before)

  3. Andy I made a couple of calls last night with the new service. Meh. As Andy said

    "It's cool, but the audio quality is shit compared to any other non-phone voice chat I've used. Compared to a phone call, I'd say it's about the same."

    And I agree. Its fine for making phone calls, but I would never use it for in game chat.