Monday, April 25, 2011

Rebecca Black, best video ever

There, I said it.
I think that the Rebecca Black music video "Friday" is one of the top 10 Music videos of all time. Yes, I don't like it personally. I am 45 years old and I don't give a shit WHICH seat you choose while "kickin it" and the fact that you wake up with makeup on both scares and annoys me. BUT, I am not in 8th grade. Also, learn to sing in tune so that you don't need that dam auto-tuner that makes you sound like a robot. Yeah, I can't sing either, thats why I don't have a music video.

This is a music video by an 8th grader about her weekend. For the love of Xenu, let her have her innocence. She isn't worried about the economy, or the (false) threat of terrorists, or about her weight, or her kids, or her retirement, or, or, or. She is singing about what goes on in her (clearly privileged) life. Is that SO offensive? She loves Justin Bieber (that no talent little puke) she likes makeup and probably watches iCarly on Nickelodeon (but who doesn't? amiright?)

What is SO offensive about her innocence? Yes, its totally unrealistic, she will go grow up someday and realize that, but does it really hurt to let her be a teenager? Why so much hate? I don't get it.

Anyway, her video has 100+ million views, prolly just jealousy.


  1. Dude. This is okay but Twilight is the devil?

    Both target young girls and attempt to imbue them with a warped perspective on reality. The only difference is Twilight tells them maybe it's okay to stay with a guy you really like even if he's dangerous, whereas this tells them one of two things: (a) life is a party, then you die or (b) living for the weekend is the best you'll ever do.

    At least Twilight has some literary value (not that I want to debate that again).

    Just throwin' that out there.

  2. How can you watch iCarly after Drake and Josh?? You KNOW she is the devil spawn Megan, right? Evil succubus from hell, I say.

    I respect talent, and I like big drums. And, girls who play big drums.

    She is my new Bieb

  3. Thor,
    This is a video of a vapid 15(ish)year old girl singing a stoopid song about what she actually likes. Yes its vapid and I never want to hear it again. But Twilight is 50 year old men saying "FUCK YEAH! Younger women and older men!!"

    you don't see the difference?