Saturday, December 12, 2009

Qik see what happens


So Qik just updated their Android client to fix a few bugs and add Chinese language support; this caused it to to bubble to the top if the TeamPaulC information pile. Its basically a service that allows you to upload streaming video files and share them on the Qik site as well as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. They even have a live url that shows what the user is currently streaming (mine is here).

My initial reaction was “who cares” but having played with it a bit, its starting to grow on me. You can live stream and people can watch it live, and then you can save it for future viewing. The video can be private, or private and shared with your friends, or public. And of course you can post the video to all of the popular services.

This is my live channel embedded, if I am not streaming now, it will be blank. :D

[UPDATE] Actually, the below embedded video shows my most recent video, which MIGHT be live, but if I am not streaming right now, then its my most recent canned video.

My tests so far have been with my Droid, but they support quite a few phones. PaulC gives it two thumbs up.

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  1. Cool, I forgot to mention that you can "follow" qik users to get email or text notices when they create videos. And they also have comments and live chats for all videos.
    Wery nice.

  2. Cool! Can you use camcorders or is it just for phones?