Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TeamPaulC site mechanics...

here is how it works...

  1. As of right now, you do not need to "follow" the TeamPaulC blog to comment, but you DO need to have a registered blogspot account. This means that you need to either have (or create) a Google account, OR AIM OR OpenId. You know that I am a google fan, so I would suggest that you get a Google account, AND USE IT. You can have Google POP your email from your other home/school/ISP accounts and have all your email in one place. But whatever you do, you need to have a blogspot account for comments.
  2. It is possible that you will need to FOLLOW TeamPaulC ( see it over there in the left column?) to post comments in the future. SO, you may want to just "follow" now.
  3. TeamPaulC discussions will work with ANY email address. This is basically an email list with a web front end. You should REALLY join it, BUT, use an email that you read so that you get the emails! Of course you can also read it online.

Again, in general I think that switching to Gmail (google) is a good idea. You can keep your old account, and have Gmail read the email for you so that people can keep using the old account. That is what I did with my Comcast account, now people can send to either Gmail OR comcast and I read them all in one place, Gmail. There are many valid reasons to switch to Gmail:
  1. as stated previously, account consolidation, all your email in one place.
  2. utility. Gmail is a good service and getting better. Google labs has updates periodically to add to the service, for example: integrated calendar, chat and RSS reader as well as labels.
  3. 3rd party applications. There are no third party applications for Comcast, but there are MANY for Gmail including online/offline email readers for your cell phone.
  4. integration into the Google family of service offerings, including picasa, blogspot, google groups, etc.
  5. HTTPS. You can read Google over a secure connection by going to https://mail.google.com I think that there is also a setting somewhere to make the entire session secure.

So, there you have it.

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