Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome back my friends

to the show that never ends,
we're so glad you could attend,
come inside, come inside.

SO, "why the complete overhaul of TeamPaulC?" you ask.

I was just SSSOOOO tired of always having to keep the hackers honest on the web server. :( It was taking up too much time. SO, I figured that I would switch to a completely hosted service, so here we are at blogspot (aka google).

Blogspot has a lot going for it, including integration with other services such as Google Reader, picasa, google groups, etc. If you want to post comments, you will need to login using you Google (gmail) credentials, or create a new account if you are not a google/blogspot user.

For now comments are pretty lax, if the spammers start hitting us, we will have to change to "only TeamPaulC members can comment", we will see. In case we have to do that, you may want to become a "follower" now by clicking the "follow" link in the left column, under "Followers".

Stay tuned for updates as they happen!