Saturday, December 13, 2008

When I Die A Bacon-Related Death...

I had never heard the words "bacon" and "weave" in the same sentence, until today.

A bacon basket rolled up AND STUFFED WITH CHEESE?! These guys deserve ALL sorts of credit for this great idea, but.... Man that is SO close to perfection, the only thing missing is the scrambled hot Italian sausage, and maybe even some scrambled eggs. Well, we will give this a try at "TeamPaulC's test kitchen" (which is typically Melanie's house) this holiday season and report back with photo's, doctors reports, and EKG scans. :|

If I Die A Bacon-Related Death, I'd Like It To Be Because Of This |


  1. I just found this site, it was referenced in the comments of the original article:

    of particular interest is the "Elvis sandwich" found in the recipes section:

  2. More please. Battered, deep fried in butter on a stick please. With sour cream and chives

  3. Well, per the TeamPaulC mail list....
    We are having a bacon fry Saturday, I will bring lots of butter. :)

  4. Hey Pat,
    how come you aren't on the TeamPaulC mailing list?