Saturday, February 7, 2009

Marketing vs Reality

The Consumerist has this article showing a Wendy's marketing photo vs the actual product.

Really, could the at least get CLOSE to what they told us it looks like?


  1. Needs more cow bells, wait, I mean bacon

  2. Teampaulc- Internet trendsetter -,bacon-explosion-013009.article

  3. *I* wanted to put sausage and peppers and cheese in the bacon log! But nnnnoooo, everyone else said "just cheese!"

  4. That's only because the first time you make something new you need to follow the recipe! Next time we make it I think we should add scrambled eggs, peppers and onions. OK and throw in some sausage too!
    Let's do it next weekend at my house!

  5. Ok, and can I say, Wendys really does make the best hangle-burgers! And Kerry has got me started on their grilled chicken sandwich. But when I get a hankering for a good nothing-fancy old-fashioned burger I go to Wendys. Even if it doesn't look like the ads.