Monday, February 23, 2009

The Robots are coming!

Do you drink? If you do, go get one, NOW. If you don’t drink, start.

Futurismic has an article on Battlefield Morality that is a must read for any true sci-fi fan.


Basically they quote a government report that discusses battlefield morality as it applies to robots that military contractors are, and will be, creating.

Yeah bitches! Suddenly Science FICTION Friday is crawling inexorably towards Science FACT Friday! NOW who is going to be a scifi Friday fan and tuning into Battlestar Galactica and The Sarah Conner Chronicles with a bottle of Scotch!? Now when you see Agent Ellison trying to teach morality to Cromartie, pay attention! This could be your future.

Do you think that nuclear duct tape could be used to tie up the robots? I’m just sayin…


  1. I just wrote a whole long post, hit preview, and then tried to edit the preview window. What's backspace do? why it browses back one page. GONE!

    Anywho. Long story short, R/C cylons are the way to go, and no, machines cannot possibly "learn" emotion. I don't care what Asimov or David Eick say. The best they can possibly do is mimic it.

  2. Sorry Batman, you are my Godson and I love you dearly, but you are wrong.

    Why can't machines learn emotion? You and I did. I don't know HOW yet as the technology isn't there yet, but mark my words, it will be.

    Tell you what, learn a programming language, spend a few years (or decades) writing LOTS of cutting edge code, then we'll talk. :)

  3. One more thing....
    Long post? Write it in notepad then paste it here. :) Much safer.