Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Oasis in the desert

So way back before *I* was born, some really savvy investors decided to create an oasis in the Nevada desert. It would be a tourist stop and a playground for the rich and famous. They also were a BIT shady, so there was a bit of drugs, lots of gambling, and prostitution. Was it a good idea? That depends on your moral stance I guess. Was it a success? Hugely so. It is where you go and have fun, and leave it behind. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

Fast forward to about a decade ago...
Hey! Lets build an oasis in the desert! A tourist stop and a playground for the rich and famous! Woohoo! We will build HUGE buildings and we will even have an indoor ski slope! It will be where EVERYONE will want to go to be crushed by Sharia law!
Sex on our lovely chilled sand beach? NO WAY!
Want to share an apartment with a person of the opposite sex to help cut expenses? Don't even THINK about it. In fact, don't even share a limo!
Hell for that matter, don't even think about bringing in legal, over the counter drugs.
Ahh, yes. PARADISE!

And now that the global economy is tanking, is ANYONE surprised that Dubai is being hit so hard? If you are, then call me, I have bridge that you may be interested in purchasing.


  1. Then and now


    Same as the old boss....

  2. No way.
    And thats my point
    "Dubai is no Vegas"
    Dubai has no chance of success, none. Where as Vegas succeeds in spite of itself.

  3. They said Vegas had no chance in the beginning too, and look how that turned out.

  4. Are you really saying that a vacation retreat that is ruled by Sharia law can succeed?

  5. What happens in Dubai, stays in Dubai, God willing ;)

  6. sorry for reviving a dead thread...

    Dood, THATS the point of Sharia law! God is NOT willing to let it stay in Dubai. You rode in a limo with a woman that's not your sister or wife? Yeah, you are getting arrested.

    Law + Religion = You are bjorked