Monday, May 11, 2009

Google Groups search results as RSS feed

Joe Lichtenberg asks via twitter
“Does anybody know if/how to get an RSS feed from a Google Groups search?”

First install Chrome. Ok, that’s not a requirement, but Chrome is a great browser.

This will require Google Alerts which is a pretty cool service. Log in to Google and go to and type in your search term and under “Type” select “Groups”, then under “Deliver to:” select “Feed”.

Now click “Create Alert”, this will create the alert and take you to “Manage your Alerts” where you will see your new Alert. You can then access the feed raw, or read it in Google Reader.

Hey, be alert. The world needs more lerts.


  1. I told ya you'd like Chrome.

  2. Yup, you were dead on. Its come a long way since the first release. I really like that you can take a tab and tear it off and turn it into its own window.