Friday, May 15, 2009

Sham WOW!

I can’t POSSIBLY talk about Vince Offer Shlomi (thats his real name) aka “Mr. Shamwow” of late night infomercial fame without doing a little  history. So Vince was a Scientologist, yup, he believed in a religion that was made up on a bet by a science fiction writer. Scientology is a religion that is steeped in stupidity, you should Google it, it’s SUPER funny.

SO, Vince is a Scientologist, he gets into a fight with his “church” for  whatever whacky reason, they basically throw him out. Vince counter sues, in the Church’s court. Pretty lame. So Vince is living large doing Sham wow commercials and loving life. This is Vince loving life:


THEN Vince hooks up with a hooker and gets arrested, but not for soliciting a woman for sex, no he goes to jail for assault. It seems that Mr. Shamwow, sorry “Mr. Shlomi” was kissing the hooker  (eeewwwww) and she bit his tongue, and wouldn’t let go. Why, oh why would she DO such a thing? I mean for the love of Xenu, let his tongue go you ho! Which I am sure is similar to what Vince was trying to scream at her, but she couldn’t understand, as a ho’ had his tongue. So when she wont let go of his tongue (with her teeth) Vince starts throwing punches at her. I wonder if Vince’s attorney will plead “self defense”?  All in all pretty dam funny.  So here is Vince after a night of beating hookers.


BUT, that’s all old news and is not why I called you here. That was just something that I felt like I had to get off my chest. The real reason that we are here today is to  enjoy the work of DJ Steve Porter and his remix of Vince’s late night infomercials, he calls it “Jam Wow”.



And of course, the “Rap Chop” also featuring Vince.

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