Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Glenn Beck, at it again.

Seriously Glenn Beck can’t be that stupid. Does he think that by writing a terms of service that automatically software is coded by the underwear gnomes? Yes, it is a completely overbearing, stupid terms of service, but the government is not taking over your computer. Shit, even the EFF isn’t frothing at the mouth ( From the EFF article
“Clicking "continue" on a poorly worded Terms of Service on a government site will not give the government the ability to "tap into your system... any time they want."”

What a dorkus malorkus.

Should you trust ANYONE with your computer or your electronic data? NO! Should you be sending your passwords and other private data around via standard email? NO! A thousand times NO! THATS where the government gets your data, not from a poorly worded terms of service.


  1. Regardless of the messenger (Beck), this terms of service language doesn't alarm you? This is not about HOW your data or information is compromised but the rights you give away by accepting the T&C.

  2. No, this is Beck trying to stir the pot. The terms of service does not mean "we have the ability to do this" it means "we would like to". And in fact, they cant take control of your computer, not without you installing something, and the site does not try to install anything. Beck is grandstanding. Read the EFF article.

    Yes the TOS alarms me, they removed it. And keep in mind that a TOS does NOT mean "hey, if I do this stuff you cant complain." You do NOT give away rights. Terms of service is a courtesy "We are going to this", it is not legally binding. A good TOS means "this MIGHT be ok, but I still better use my brain." If you think that a TOS is legally binding, you (and your data) are SO bjorked! The only way to have good, known, secure data is to secure (encrypt) it on your local machine before sending it. Again, read the EFF article.

    Either Beck new that he was exaggerating (ass hat) or he thought that this was good reporting (idiot). You can choose.

    Would I be alarmed at this TOS? YES! But you know what, I UNDERSTAND technology so I rarely read the TOS. Why? Because I know what you are capable of, if you don't install anything you have limited abilities AND the TOS means nothing. Do you think that the government doesn't record any phone conversation that they want? Do you think that they can't read your email? Well, where did they put THAT into a TOS? NO WHERE. The Government can have (and does have) TOS that say "we wont do anything! Promise!" and then do what they want. And thats EXACTLY what they do.

    Wake up and smell the coffee, TOS means nothing.

    AND, where was Beck when Bush was wiretapping American Citizens? OH! THAT was ok, but a shitty TOS is the end of times?

    Ridiculous. Get a real, secure messaging system and quite your dam bitching. Something like VitalLock.

  3. Glenn Beck is a douche bag and a hate monger. The fact that anyone listens to anything he says at this point is a testament to their own ignorance.

  4. A few things. First, of course Glenn Beck is a douche. And so is Rush, Sean, Bill O, Kieth Olberman and Marcos Moulitsas(Kos). They are very partisan and get alot of attention. All have been caught saying some really stupid things, in front of millions. It's what they do.

    Cash for clunkers is a FAIL. Started FAIL, ended FAIL(disclaimer-I work in the auto salvage industry). To me though, the issue isn't C4C, it's the abuse of power. Yes, we all know the Fed gonna wiretap and evesdrop when they think they need to and think they can get away with it. But in this case they had the balls to put it in print. Bad form I say.

    And the Bill O comment about USA VS Canada death rates shows how stupid he really is. It's a bogus comparison. If you factor out homicide and traffic deaths, guess what? Yep, We lead the world in almost every category of health stats. Its our lifestyle thats killing us. We NOM NOM the bacon. We got lots of cars, guns, and bacon. We also have the highest survival rate for cancer.

    Finally, dude, hate monger? Rly? As a free market capitalist libertarian, I insist, ShowMeTheMoney! Show me the hate. Enlighten me please.

  5. First off, of course poeple like Beck say stuff that's controversial and inflammatory. If they didnt' who'd bother to listen to them? Ever listen to NPR, major snooze fest. Just as biased as conservative talk radio but just boring as watching paint dry. And that's why they rely partially on public funding or they'd have gone under already.

    As for the TOS stuff...

    You betcha the government wiretaps phones, bugs houses, and intercepts email when ever they want. I know people that have worked for DEA and other alphabet agencies. But without a warrant, or the unwitting agreement of the target, whatever they find won't stand up in court and will land them in trouble if it's proven how they obtained the information. But that's how they figure out who to really pay attention to. Not saying it's right, just saying that's how it's done. However, by agreeing to their terms (as I saw them written in the EFF article) they can scan the pc if they want to and whatever they may find will stand up in court because the user agreed to the search and therefore it didn't violate the fourth amendment protection against unlawful search and seizure.

    PaulC, you're right, they couldn't "take over" your pc without you installing some software first. Alghough that could potentially happen without your knowledge while using their site after agreeing to the TOS.

    Basically what I see is a gov lawyers attempt to write a TOS that said they owned your pc. Not a surprise and also not a surprise that it got taken out as soon as someone discovered it and went public.

    As for legality, lets face it, there are lots and lots of laws on the books that are flat out unconstitutional. There are lots of people in jail for violating those laws too. The problem is that before they can be overturned or ruled unconstituional someone has to get arrested for violating them that has enough money to push the challenge through the system to it's final resolution.

  6. UPDATE! All you car is ours!

    as Glenn would say, Heh.