Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stop doing those surveys!

Everything is done for a reason. Not necessarily an evil reason, but still a reason.

For example, those surveys on social sites like FaceBook and in email chain letters. Why would anyone even start the chain? Its not because they are an at home mom or dad looking to waste time, its because they are a marketer trying to get marketing information, or a hacker trying to get social information for hacking your life. Now, if its a marketer, I don’t really care, but if its a hacker…

How does the hacker use these surveys to hack your accounts, you never give your password! Right, but you DO give all of the information that security systems use to verify you. For example the surveys will ask you things like
What was your first phone number?
What was your first pets name?
Who was your first love?

Who cares right? Well, then the hacker goes to and clicks on “lost password”, the bank asks them to answer a few questions like “What was your first phone number” or “Who was your first love?” The hacker just uses your answers and now they have reset your password so that they can get in.

Really, don’t fall prey to this social hacking technique.

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