Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, I don’t wear glasses (yet), but someday I may need them, and when I do, THESE are the glasses that I will wear!


They are glasses that are focusable. (turns out that “focusable is a word) There is a little slider on the bridge between the lenses that changes the focus, this means that a bi-focal user could use them and just focus them for reading, but if they then need to see far away, they can simply refocus!

These wonder glasses are made by TruFocals. They will cost you a pretty penny at ~$800, but they sure are cool!


  1. Rick says he is holding out till they get a fast auto focus version.

  2. Did you watch the demo video?
    The focus is manual, but it looks pretty dam fast.

  3. I've been wearing glasses for a while, and now I where something even better. Contact lenses. These things are amazing. They have multiple layers of "focusity" (fo-kew-si-tee), so that when my eye focuses on a far-away point, my pupil shifts into the area of the lens with the longer focal distance. They even make ones especially for folk like me who have funny-shaped eyeballs!

    But seriously, why are these better than multi-focal contact lenses? Honestly, I think these would be horrible for your eyes. If you zoom the glasses out, but something close catches your eye, you're going to try to focus on it and it's going to (A) hurt and (B) put a wicked strain on your bio-optic receptors.

    Sounds like a neat idea, but one that doesn't really serve a practical function for the average optically-impaired American. I could see them being useful for... I dunno. Somebody who needs their eyes to stay focused on a single point for a long time. This might force your eye to lock on a certain range. It might also give you a wicked headache after a while.

  4. Well, as I said, I don't wear glasses, so any opinion of mine should be tempered by that. BUT, my friend Richard Buck wears glasses and he thinks that TruFocal may have merit.

    Richard's glasses are tri-focal and he is always tilting his head back and forth trying to see through the correct spot. If I am not mistaken he also has a stigmatism.

    So maybe they are better for different conditions, dunno.