Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Now THAT’S talent

You know that PaulC does not go for the “American Idol” type shows. BUT, Bob just sent me this and its just such a dam cool clip that I had to post it. Its from “Britains Got Talent” and I am sure that many of you have seen it, but I think that EVERYONE should see it.

What a treat.

DOH! They disabled embedding, click here to watch it on youtube. While you are watching it, click "more info..." on the right for the lyrics.


  1. When I first started watching I thought it was going to be one of those embarrassing clips where the singer makes a fool of themselves. Not at all! Beautiful!

  2. Marco, THAT'S why I hate those shows. I don't need to see people embarrass themselves. But Susan Boyle clearly did not embarrass herself. :)

  3. My favorite BGT--

  4. Wow, she was good Uncle Pat. Amanda cried, so it MUST have been good. A wait, it appears that she always cries. :)
    Well, it was still good.

  5. Wow! Connie Talbot is unbelievable. I watched a few more videos of her. I wonder if her voice will continue to improve as she grows up.