Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adama (Olmos) vs Kirk

Come on, admit it, you have stayed up late wondering
"Who would win in a battle, the Galactica, or the Enterprise?".
Just to set the stage, I mean the new Galactica and the original Enterprise. From a technology standpoint the new and original Galacticas are basically the same, I just like Olmos better. :)

Well it turns out that the gang over at dvice have been wondering the same thing and they put this nice comparison together for us. Its an interesting article that really highlights the philosophical differences between the technologies.

While I basically agree with the articles individual points, and I would like to agree with its conclusion, I can't. In a ship to ship fight, I think that the Enterprise could win. Kirk would swoop in, throw a few photon torpedoes and phaser the crap out of Galactica faster than Adama could say "what the frak...".
On the other hand, if Adama saw Enterprise coming... Yes, Galactica would win, easily. Adama would launch vipers, fire broadside into Enterprise and be done in time for a quick drink in the Officers Mess. So I guess that it all comes down to warp detection. Would Adama see Enterprise inbound?

Hopefully Andy will be able to sleep at night now that this has been put to rest, I know I will.