Saturday, January 3, 2009

Whale wars...

So have you guys been watching "Whale Wars" on Discovery?
You should, it is HUGELY entertaining and educational. Want to learn how to run a 100'+ ship? Then watch the show and do the opposite of what "Captain" Paul Wilson does. There are WAY too many stupid things to mention them all here, just trust me, he is a giant tool, pure and simple.

I love their mantra "I am willing to die to save a whale."
I am willing to snap the neck of a Siberian Tiger, and stuff him down the blow hole of a Right Whale to save a person. Frankly, I would rather not do that, but if it meant saving a human life, I would. These clowns are willing to DIE to save ONE whale.

Are they doing a good thing by trying to save the whales? No doubt at all that they are. BUT, at the end of EVERY show I am always on the side of the Japanese whaling industry! I can't help it, the Sea Shepard is practicing piracy and they are just WAY out of control.

Anyway, watch it, it is very entertaining.


  1. My favorite stupid thing they do....

    they bring on a new communications officer, steps on the boat and says "This is the first time that I have ever been on a boat and the first time that I have ever seen a radar unit"! And THAT'S your Comm Officer?!

  2. I saw that one! Have you noticed they are all kids? I'm with you that they are doing a great thing but thought it was a little funny when the Japanese sent a spy ship.

  3. I also enjoyed the episode "Incompetent first mate flips tender"
    then they all stand around wondering what to do, so one of the smart crew mates (of only 3) shoots a line to the flipped tender and reels it in while the first mate and captain perform mutual masturbation on each other.