Sunday, January 11, 2009

Of Tom Cruise and Nazis...

The NY Times has an interesting article on the Holocaust and how some would change history and make it "not so bad".

Its an interestingly article and it touches on why I won't pay to see the Tom Cruise movie "Valkyrie". In Valkyrie Cruise plays a "good Nazi" that is part of a conspiracy to assassinate Hitler. I am sure that its a great action movie, but do we really need to portray Nazi officers as misunderstood "good guys"? UHHH, no, we don't. The Holocaust was not about a single man, it was about a culture of intolerance and runaway egos. Tom Cruises character (Stauffenberg) wore a Nazi officer uniform, no matter HOW you slice it, that makes him a "bad guy".

The Times article touches on a few other books and movies that down play the horror of the Holocaust. I am not sure if its intentional or not, maybe some idiot just said "this would be a great heart wrenching story!" and didn't think it all the way through. Whatever the reason, its just wrong, AND it REALLY shows how stupid people are.

A camp guard has an affair with a prisoner?
The camp commanders little son is playmates with a child prisoner?

Really, are we THAT stupid?

Anyway, read the article, the author makes some interesting points, and may even disagree with me on the Valkyrie issue.