Monday, January 26, 2009

Hug me pillow

Dizzy in the head and I'm feeling blue
The things you've said, well, maybe they're true
I'm gettin' funny dreams again and again
I know what it means, but …

uh, yeah, maybe its that CREEPY pillow that is making you dizzy and blue and freakin out your dreams.

Yeah, that is weird. Overstock is selling these "hug me pillows" that were apparently modeled after Brad Pitt (I guess that means no chest hair?)

Read the comments at Overstock, the are fairly humorous, for example:
"I LOVE the hug-me pillow. I sleep with 5 of them, it makes me feel like i'm in bed with a whole family.I've always felt there was something missing in my life, a void. I can't explain it but I now feel like one complete person. thank you hug me pillow!"

[via the consumerist]

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