Friday, January 2, 2009

BaconFest, Christmas '08

I warned you that this was going to happen...
well, we did it. We turned 40 ounces of innocent bacon into a treat from Hell.

We started out with

That's 40 ounces of bacon.
Then we weaved it into a mat on the broiler pan, Melanie said to "weave it like the top of an apple pie" which turned out to be a great way to do it.
This is during the weave:

And this is ready for the oven!

We baked it at 400 degrees "until done". :) Melanie INSISTED on flipping it once, and that worked out with the first one. But we made 2 (we had 40 oz of bacon) and she flipped the second one too early. :( BUT, we were able to recover, and this is what it looks like coming out of the oven!

Now we had to stuff it! I wanted to stuff it with basically a scrambled Denver omelet, but Melanie and Sammi said "no!". SO, we just used grated cheese this time, but next time...

So we rolled it up with the "Mexican Blend" grated cheese

Sliced it up, and ate it!

The bacon mat was still pretty hot from the oven, so it melted the cheese nicely.

I tell you what, THAT was some good eating! Really, it was

for those of you who say "That is so unhealthy!"
1) We baked it in a drip pan.
2) We don't do this every week, or even every month.
3) One slice of the bacon role was probably 2 slices of bacon
4) Bacon is basically a fatty pork chop "the other white meat", see #1
5) Go to hell.

Things for the "Next bacon Fest"
1) make enough extra bacon for an Elvis.
2) put some scrambled eggs and Italian sausage in with the cheese.
3) Its ok to flip it, but make sure that it has cooked enough that it is flippable.
4) 450 degrees is too hot, 400 is perfect


  1. OMG--sounds delicious! My arteries are clogging as I type. ;) You are missing a "Yum in action" photo though.

  2. Bacon: A Love Story

    There are more pigs in my county(parish, borough, shire, etc) than people! Pigs-98,068. People-60,949.

  3. ZOMG!
    Pat, that is so cool!
    Did you see the latest Iron Chef America? The secret ingredient was bacon!!!

  4. More on the bacon fest...

  5. And.....The bacon explosion!